Dial Tone Films owner, Celia Aniskovich, has spent more than a decade providing archive producing and consulting services to companies and networks. From Vice/PBS's, I, Sniper, where she unearthed and secured access to hundreds of never-before-seen VHS tapes from the police hunt for the DC Snipers; to two premium HBO documentary features The Mystery of DB Cooper and The Phantom; to ID’s The Crimes that Changed Us, where she balanced a nearly seven-figure archive budget for this 8-part, 100% archive series; to helming the archive teams on the festival darlings The Universe and Life on Ice, Celia has negotiated just about every kind of licensing deal that exists.

Celia has built solid relationships with many industry archive sources that result in unique and cost-effective licensing arrangements. She has worked with all of the major footage houses (not only as a licensor - she began on the other side, at NBC). In addition, she has extensive experience working with contributors to secure personal family archives, taking the onus off of producers. Recently, in addition to directing and producing the new HBO Max feature documentary, Call Me Miss Cleo, she negotiated access to the final interview with "Miss Cleo," along with some of the only home movies in existence, directly from her family. And because Celia is herself a director/producer, she and her team approach archive with a view towards story. Archive is never merely wallpaper, but integral to the narrative.

Dial Tone Films is excited to offer these services, both as part of Celia's directing suite on projects she helms, and separately, as a tailored service on other projects.  The team has unrivaled expertise in archive – knowing where to source archive, how to find rare and exceptional archive, how to produce archive effectively, and how to negotiate cost-effective deals within a budget. Moreover, Dial Tone offers a unique and competitive flat rate fee structure for archive services on scripted and unscripted projects at all stages of development and production. Rather than dedicating a significant portion of a production budget to a singular archive producer, risking bringing someone on too early or too late, or losing valuable archive funds to inexperienced management, projects that work with Celia and Dial Tone Films will benefit from strategic and effective archive sourcing, acquisition, and licensing. You'll get access to multiple team members and a seamless workflow to jump on any archive need at a moment's notice. 

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