Who We Are 

Founded by director and producer Celia Aniskovich, Dial Tone is committed to telling stories that entertain, provoke and inspire. What we do matters and how we do it matters even more, so every Dial Tone project is a commitment to journalistic integrity and expert storytelling. Recent Dial Tone projects include: Call Me Miss Cleo (HBO Max), Fruitcake Fraud (discovery+), What Happened at Fells Acres? (discovery+), Taking Back the Groove as well as a slate of unannounced projects in various stages of development and production.

What We Do 

Dial Tone is a full service production company that develops and produces premium documentary films, series and podcasts. 

We're also obsessed with archive - more on that here. 

Call Me Miss Cleo (HBO Max)

What Happened At Fells Acres? (discovery+)

Fruicake Fraud (discovery+)

Taking Back the Groove 

Mafia Tapes (podcast - Discovery)

Spy Affair (podcast - Wondery)

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